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Become a Pro at the Guitar

Become a Pro at the Guitar

professional-guitar-playerIs it possible to become a pro at the guitar?  Like anything in life in order to get good at something you have to practice, practice, practice.  I learned to play the guitar when I was 10 years old.  I think the reason why I got so good at it is because I really wanted to learn.  I truly believe that order to get good something there has to be plenty of interest.

If you were told to learn something that has no interest to you, have you noticed that it is much harder to learn?  For example, remember when you learned how to ride your bike for the first time?  It was exciting wasn’t it?  Within a few days after ditching your training wheels you easily took off and went.  Days before you were scared couldn’t understand how to keep yourself up on a bike without falling.

If you are told to learn the guitar but have no interest in it imagine how hard that would be.  For example, if you wanted to learn how to play the drums but were told by your parents that it’s too loud and noisy and were given the second option to play the guitar, you might feel like you’re losing out on something and will never truly learn.  However, if you really want to learn to play the guitar and this will be much easier.

Kids these days don’t have too much inspiration to play the guitar.  There’s so much focus on boy bands, singers, and making music into more of a show than true talent.  Take for example shows like American idol.  Everyone wants to be a singer but very little actually play an instrument.

play-the-guitar-like-a-proBack in the seventies and eighties rock bands were very prominent.  There was much inspiration drawn from rock bands to learn to play the guitar.  I remembered as a kid how my idols, Rush, would be my inspiration to learn to play the guitar.  Alex Lifeson of Rush is a true legend that inspired me to want to learn how to play.

You will see musical instruments becoming a little more popular today as I see a shift back towards learning how to play an instrument again.  Music schools are starting to gain more popularity as well as other outlets to learn like on YouTube and online courses.  Playing the guitar is suddenly cool again and since very few people play, you would be admired by many if you became a guitar pro.

You’re probably familiar with the video game rock band.  This game has inspired many kids of all ages to want to learn how to actually play.  Of course the video game version has no similarity with actually playing a real guitar but the inspiration is at least drawn from there.  I do kind of laugh at people who think they are so good at the game that they could play the guitar in real life.  I was at a party once where a bunch of people were playing Rock Band.  It just so happens that my friend who was hosting the party also had a real guitar in his house.

I went head to head with some other guy he was really good at the video game version of the guitar.  He beat me three out of three times.  He was a little cocky and had no idea that I play the guitar.  After the third beating, I picked up the real guitar and gave it to him.  I told him, here, “try this.” He just shrugged it off.  I asked him if he would like to have a competition on a real guitar.  Without saying anything I took the guitar back and said to him, see if you can do this.

You can imagine what happened next.  His jaw dropped and was completely stunned.  Some of the people there were giggling because they knew how great I was at playing the guitar.  Others had no clue what this guy.  Within about 2 minutes of playing he came over and shook my hand.  He asked me how I learned to play so well.  I simply told him I wanted to play the guitar since I was 10 years old and nothing was going to stop me.  I asked him if the guitar interests him.  He said not really but but the video game version does.

The story just brings a point about having an interest in something.  If it’s not there that’s going to be hard to learn.  My point is this.  Interest can be acquired by research and inspiration.  If becoming a pro at the guitar interests you, you are already ahead of the game.